FIFA 21 – The Festival Of Football Has Started

FIFA 21 – The Festival Of Football Has Started

FIFA 21 Festival of Football introduces a new collection, Path of Glory, that contains items that upgrade based on the number of their national team’s wins.

The FIFA 21 Festival of Football has arrived. This summer celebration honors the return of international football games. FUT 21 players have the chance to take part in this event that comes with new item cards and activities. Special Squad Building Challenges and Objectives are available during the FUT 21 Festival of Football. The celebration introduces Path of Glory item cards. These items will upgrade depending on how the national team the footballer is part of fares in the matches.

What You Need To Know About Path of Glory Cards

Path of Glory items feature footballers that have played with their national team at least once. It can be either the junior or the senior team. FIFA 21 Festival of Football items get upgrades to their stats and OVR. The criterion on which the upgrade is applied is based on the number of wins the national team accumulates. The wins are counted starting with June 11th and ending on July 16th. A Path of Glory item needs at least three wins from his national team to get an upgrade. The first three wins give a +2 OVR boost. Subsequent wins grant more upgrades. Four wins come with a +1 OVR boost. Five wins add one more to the player’s OVR. For six wins, the item receives five stars for weak foot and skill moves. These upgrades stack. This means that a Path of Glory item that has a starting OVR of 93 can end up with 97 OVR and five stars in weak foot and skill moves by July 16th. The upgrade is applied the next Friday after fulfilling the requirement. It might take up to 72 hours for the update to be seen in the game. In the event that a Path of Glory player transfers or goes on loan to another club, his corresponding item will still have the old club until the upgrade requirement is met. As soon as this happens, the new club will be featured on the player’s FUT 21 Festival of Football item. In case the player’s team does not have any more international matches, the player will stop receiving upgrades. FIFA 21 Festival of Football Nation players will be earned by completing Objectives and Squad Building Challenges. This is also a good time to take part in the Weekend League. The reward Player Pick packs will have items from the Team of the Season collections. There are six reward tiers.

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