What is the importance of site verification?

What is the importance of site verification?

The importance of website verification cannot get overstated. Because Google values privacy so highly, Google needs to verify that you are the owner of this site before seeing secure information about it. It allows you to utilize its tools after verification. The verification procedure has no impact on Page Rank or site performance in Google search results.

Reasons to verify your site.

  • It allows you to do several things when your site has authenticated the ownership of your site has confirmed.
  • Diagnoses any issues and then works to enhance the 안전사이트
  • Other site owners can be added and managed.
  • Indicate to Google how you’d like your site to be indexed.
  • Request that Google’s crawl rate be changed.

Ways by which you can verify your site

Upload an HTML file to your site to test it.

Upload an HTML file you must be allowed to upload new files to your server to utilize this approach.

Add a meta tag to your website to verify it.

You may validate your safety site by adding meta tags to the main page. You must be able to change the HTML code of the web site’s pages to utilize this.

You can log in to your domain name or hosting provider and add a new DNS record to use this technique.

After you’ve completed these steps, webmaster Tools will check to see if the essential elements, like tags and code, are there. If the relevant code is present to validate your ownership, the site details will get displayed.